Easy Eggs Benedict

There’s really not much to making this fabulous breakfast (or lunch or dinner) dish. This video

shows how to make Eggs Benedict in about 10 minutes. Actually, the video is only 9 minutes, because we cut out part of the egg poaching time.

But all you need to make Eggs Benedict is

· 2 English muffins, split and toasted
· 4 slices ham, sautéed in butter
· 4 eggs to poach
· 3 egg yolks
· 1–2 Tb lemon juice
· ¼ lb butter melted and still hot

Sauté the ham slices in butter for about a minute.

Toast the split English muffins and top each half with a ham slice.

The important part of making the Hollandaise in a blender is to melt the butter so it is hot and bubbly. In our microwave, this is about 75 seconds (1:15 minutes). Make sure the butter is quite hot, so it cooks the egg yolks a bit when you pour it into the blender with the yolks and lemon juice.

To poach the eggs, we use a 3-quart saucepan with water gently simmering. Add salt and about 2 Tb white vinegar to the water, and quickly slip the 4 eggs into the water. No need to stir or swirl. Set a timer for 3:00 minutes and then lift the eggs out and put them on the toasted English muffins with the hams slice. Pour on some hollandaise and serve right away. Decorate with a bit of parsley if you like.

This makes a festive breakfast in about 15 minutes, including the time to bring the water to a boil. Enjoy it!




is the author of “Python Programming with Design Patterns” and 20 previous books.

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James Cooper

James Cooper

is the author of “Python Programming with Design Patterns” and 20 previous books.

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